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Hello!  I'm NDY

(and I'm happy you're here...)

I am a Lifestyle & Wedding Photographer in Nashville, Tn with a love of outdoor activities, ice-cream, home cooked food, DW Home Candles, and of course photography!  I am also a mom, I love Jesus, hugs, and Malbec wine...along with most other red wines…lol!

I received my first REAL camera as my first Mother’s day gift and I was overjoyed!  Well, time passed and one year later I still hadn’t picked up my camera and put it to use.  In 2016 I started to pursue my Master’s Degree while working full-time and taking care of a toddler.  Fast forward to my 2nd year of grad school - stress from thinking about finishing another semester was enough anxiety to put me a panic attack.  I believe heavily in prayer, so did what I know how to do…pray.  I logged onto Instagram and there was a post of someone seeking a photographer immediately – I said to myself, “God is this you, is this my sign?”  I sent her a message followed with a portfolio I quickly put together and she responded, “I’ll call you tomorrow.  Just finished talking to the makeup artist.”  That’s when it became clear and this was the beginning of NDY IMAGES.

My style of photography is mostly warm, bright, and full of that 20 years from now your images won't feel "dated".  If you like my style and feel we should connect to create some memories - shoot me a message and let me know a little about you, your family, or soon to be hubby and your specific needs.

Hope to hear from you soon!

💜 -NaKeshia. D. Y.

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